ThinkensteinYou need to read what this about? Really? The fact that it plainly states “A Cartoon About Orchestra Life” in the header isn’t clear enough for you Thinkenstein?

Fine, you’re probably one of those people who gives a standing ovation even though half the violin section spent most of their time “discreetly” reading a magazine and the horn section was clearly playing something by Arnie Schoenberg even though everyone else was playing Beethoven’s Fifth.

Right, that’s what I thought. <sigh> Here you go:

  • The cartoons are illustrated by Dixon.
  • The dialogue is written by Dixon along with “consultant” and blogger Drew McManus (he insisted on byline credit).

Happy? Good.

You’re now completely qualified for a career in the orchestra business.

As of 2/17/2013 the cartoon is on indefinite hiatus so stop sending me those passive-aggressive hate message that end up begging me to start writing again.

Paul Dixon